Wiley Leadership Team
(top to bottom, left to right)
William J. Pesce,
Ellis E. Cousens,
Stephen A. Kippur,
William J. Arlington,
Peter W. Clifford,
Timothy B. King,
Richard S. Rudick,
Deborah E. Wiley,
Warren Fristensky,
Dr. John Jarvis,
Clifford Kline,
Bonnie Lieberman,
Stephen M. Smith,
Eric A. Swanson

Wiley Board of Directors Elects New Chairman
In May 2002, Bradford Wiley II announced his intention to retire as Chairman of the Board of Directors effective September 19, 2002. Brad Wiley will continue as a Director of the Company. A member of the sixth generation of the Wiley family to participate in the firm, Brad Wiley has been a member of the Board since 1979 and was elected Chairman in December 1992. His service as Chairman has been distinguished by his focus on effective and accountable corporate governance.

Based on the recommendation of its Governance and Compensation Committee, the Board unanimously elected Peter Booth Wiley to succeed Brad Wiley as Chairman. A journalist and author, Peter Wiley has written numerous articles and several books, mostly recently National Trust Guide/San Francisco: America's Guide for Architecture and History Travelers. He has been a member of the Company's Board of Directors since 1984.

Board of Directors

Warren J. Baker

California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo

H. Allen Fernald,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Down East Enterprises, Inc.

Larry Franklin
Chairman of the Board,
Harte-Hanks, Inc.

John L. Marion, Jr.
Hendrie Investments LLC

Henry A. McKinnell
Chairman, Chief Executive
Officer and Director,
Pfizer Inc.

William J. Pesce
President and Chief Executive Officer

William R. Sutherland
Private Consultant

Bradford Wiley II
Outgoing Chairman of the Board

Peter B. Wiley
Incoming Chairman of the Board

Executive Committee
Audit Committee
Governance & Compensation Committee
Effective September 19, 2002

Corporate Officers

Bradford Wiley II
Chairman of the Board

William J. Pesce
President and Chief Executive Officer

Ellis E. Cousens
Executive Vice President; Chief Financial
and Operations Officer

Stephen A. Kippur
Executive Vice President and President,

William J. Arlington
Senior Vice President,
Human Resources

Peter W. Clifford
Senior Vice President,

Timothy B. King
Senior Vice President,
Planning and Development

Richard S. Rudick
Senior Vice President,
General Counsel

Deborah E. Wiley
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Communications

Edward J. Melando
Vice President,
Corporate Controller

Josephine A. Bacchi
Corporate Secretary

Walter J. Conklin
Division & Subsidiary Officers

Warren Fristensky
Vice President, Information Technology; Chief Information Officer

Dr. John Jarvis
Senior Vice President, Europe;
Managing Director,
Wiley Europe Limited

Clifford Kline
Vice President, Customer and Product Support Operations

Bonnie Lieberman
Senior Vice President,
Higher Education

Stephen M. Smith
Senior Vice President,
International Development;
Publishing Director, Professional/Trade,
Wiley Europe Limited

Eric A. Swanson
Senior Vice President, Scientific, Technical, and Medical

Dr. Manfred Antoni
Managing Director,

Peter C. Donoughue
Managing Director,
John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

Steven Miron
Vice President,
John Wiley & Sons, Asia

Diane Wood
President, John Wiley & Sons
Canada, Ltd.