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Throughout Wiley's remarkable history, the role of the publisher has been to acquire, package, and disseminate content, guided by financial discipline and our customers' need for value and quality. This is as true today as it has been since 1807, nearly two centuries ago, when Charles Wiley opened his shop in lower Manhattan.

Wiley continues to succeed because our long commitment to quality and fiscal responsibility is matched by our capacity to evolve in a changing environment. As we formulate new products and business models to meet the needs of the global marketplace, our role is evolving. We are making our must-have content available to our customers to use in their professional and personal lives with greater immediacy, utility, and flexibility than ever before.

Our response to the world around us reinforces what is distinctive about Wiley. As our business has continued to thrive around the world, our culture and core values remain unchanged. The “Wiley Difference” is rooted in a foundation of deeply held values and benefits customers, colleagues, authors, shareholders, and partners.