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PRODUCTS_ Educational materials in all media for two- and four-year colleges and universities, for-profit career colleges, and advanced placement classes.

CUSTOMERS_ Undergraduate, graduate, and advanced placement students, educators, and lifelong learners worldwide.

DISTRIBUTION_ Multiple channels including college bookstores, online booksellers, and direct sales to customers.

BRANDS/FRANCHISES_ Wiley, Wiley/Jossey-Bass, eGrade Plus, Business Extra Select, Jacaranda.


  • Grow leadership position in key content areas, and grow market share in other areas.
  • Introduce new products, services, tools, and business models that address price and value concerns and influence Wiley brand customer loyalty.
  • Expand the power and range of eGrade Plus.
  • Offer our products in a variety of formats, both print and electronic, to appeal to different customers.
  • Partner with students and faculty to test ways in which new product models and tools contribute to their success.
  • Further expand our custom publishing business.
  • Increase sales of Higher Education products into non-traditional college channels, including career colleges, advanced placement classes, and continuing education.

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