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Our Culture… Wiley's performance-driven collaborative culture is built on a solid foundation of ethical behavior. Relationships with stakeholders are cultivated with honesty, trust, and candor so that commitment, creativity, and cooperation can grow and flourish. When we refer to Wiley as “the place to be,” we are supported by facts: the majority of new colleagues come to the Company through staff referrals and a high percentage of our colleagues have been with Wiley for two decades or longer.

Our Businesses… Wiley's unique combination of core businesses — Professional and Trade (P/T), Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM), and Higher Education — with operations situated around the world, enables us to develop and distribute a broad range of products and services to global markets efficiently and effectively, with shared production, technology, sales, and marketing resources.

Our Brands… Wiley's extensive portfolio of premier brands is highly regarded by influential communities of interest, and we hold leading positions in targeted segments of attractive markets. We create products, services, and solutions, from print to Web-enabled, drawing on our deep reservoir of “must have” content — content that travels well across geographic boundaries.

Our Reach… Globally integrated, Wiley's businesses sell print products and content delivered electronically through multiple channels around the world, including brick-and-mortar and online booksellers, libraries, colleges and universities, warehouse clubs, corporations, and direct marketing. Wiley's deep backlist provides a competitive edge in many channels, and accounts for substantially more than half of our online book sales. Our sales teams, though specialized to different markets, take advantage of Wiley's unique business mix and collaborative culture to sell products and services from across the Company, “all of Wiley, all at once.”

Our Judgment… Wiley paces innovations carefully, introducing new products and business models only when there is a critical mass of consumers ready to take advantage of them. We exercise discipline when considering acquisitions, and make sure the strategic and cultural fit and price are right for us before moving ahead. Wiley has a strong track record of success with acquisitions and publishing alliances, large and small, identifying and realizing opportunities with a level of acuity and thoroughness that is well recognized in the industry.

Our Results… Wiley is distinguished by our ability to deliver strong financial results in robust and slow-growth market conditions alike. In a recent article in Barron's magazine, an investor described Wiley as “…a stock for all seasons, a Company that delivers whether the economy is headed up or down.” Over the past decade, the Company has increased revenue and earnings at compound annual growth rates of 11% and 18%, respectively, and has generated significant cash flow that has allowed us to supplement organic growth with strategic acquisitions, steadily increase dividends, and engage in an active share repurchase program. The result: for the past decade Wiley's share price has increased at an annual rate of nearly 19%.