John Wiley and Son's 2007 Annual Report
building a better world through responsible corporate citizenship

Knowledge Inspires Change

Sustainability is not a new concept at Wiley, a company that has prospered for more than 200 years. We are well known around the world for our leadership in responsible corporate governance, ethical business practices, and philanthropic activities that benefit the communities in which we are located. Wiley is actively engaged in various industry initiatives related to the environment, such as responsible paper purchasing practices. Through our leadership in programs such as HINARI, AGORA, and OARE, we help provide online information to researchers in developing nations who might otherwise not be able to afford access. In 2006, Blackwell became the first publisher to become carbon neutral through offsets, a designation that was renewed this past year by Wiley. Last, but not least, we publish a significant collection of titles on sustainability-related topics that add to the global discourse.

This is an opportune time to evaluate our practices and develop company-wide strategies and programs to manage various social, economic, and environ­mental challenges we encounter in our business. We created a team to lead this initiative and engaged Business for Social Responsibility (, a global leader in corporate responsibility consulting and research that helps its 250 member companies develop sustainable business strategies. We are in the process of identifying and prioritizing opportunities to improve our processes and practices, based on business conditions; benchmarking the approaches of peer companies; performing an internal assessment; and identifying metrics to gauge our progress.

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