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Higher Education: Helping Teachers Teach and Students Learn
Higher Education Products


CustomersUndergraduate, graduate, and advanced placement students, educators, and lifelong learners worldwide, and secondary school students in Australia.


Educational materials in all media for two- and four-year colleges and universities and for-profit career colleges, as well as for secondary schools in Australia and advanced placement classes in the U.S.


Wiley, Wiley Desktop Editions, WileyFLEX, Wiley/Jossey-Bass, Wiley/MOAC, Wiley Pathways, WileyPLUS, Wiley Visualizing, Business Extra Select, CATALYST, Jacaranda.


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Australia, Canada, India, U.K., U.S.


Multiple channels including college bookstores, online booksellers, and direct sales to customers.

Higher Education Products


Grow market positions in targeted academic disciplines.

Increase market share through acquisitions.

Accelerate revenue and margin growth through collaboration across geographic and business boundaries.

Develop and promote products, services, tools, and business models that deliver value to our customers and promote brand loyalty.

Expand market penetration and reach of WileyPLUS globally.

Offer products in a variety of formats, both print and electronic, to provide customers with choices.

Develop workflow solutions that anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers and help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Leverage partnerships for expansion into new markets.

Expand custom publishing business.

Grow worldwide through adaptations, translations, and indigenous publishing.

Tap opportunities in growth markets in Asia and the Middle East.

Generate savings and drive productivity improvements by expanding offshoring and outsourcing of manufacturing and shared support services.

Fiscal 2008 Highlights

Fiscal Year 2009 Highlights

Increased global HE revenue 6% on a currency neutral basis. Results were driven by the continued success of WileyPLUS, revenue from acquired titles, solid growth in the Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) collaboration, and strong performance in virtually every subject category.

The WileyPLUS digital learning suite continued to gain momentum around the world, accounting for 9% of global HE revenue in fiscal year 2009; billings increased by 38%, and digital-only sales grew by 70%.

Re-introduced WileyPLUS to the modern language market with added functionality, allowing professors to offer an online language lab. As a result, WileyPLUS student validations increased by 10,000 using Dawson/Dicho y hecho, 8e, and Lucas/Murillo/¡Con brío!.

Increased Wiley Faculty Network (WFN) activity by 86% over fiscal year 2008 and by 190% over fiscal year 2007. WFN activities include WileyPLUS training, online guest lectures, campus events, virtual workshops, and live regional and national workshops.

Published six Wiley Visualizing textbooks; surpassed revenue goal for this series (developed in collaboration with the National Geographic Society) and allowed more instructors to “share their passion” for their discipline by using these highly visual texts.

Acquired market-leading textbooks and learning materials from Cengage Learning that complement HE’s business and modern language programs.

Acquired mathematics and statistics textbooks by award-winning authors and educators from Key College Publishing.

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