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WileyPLUS in Action


WileyPLUS in Action

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GLOBAL Higher Education revenue increased 15% on a currency neutral basis. Drove double-digit growth in all regions and in nearly every subject category.

SALES of products other than traditional print textbooks—WileyPLUS, eBooks, digital content, Wiley Custom Select, and binder editions—now account for 22% of global Higher Education revenue. WileyPLUS sales grew 42% and represent over 11% of global Higher Education sales.

LAUNCHED pilot program with the National Geographic Society for custom initiative that will allow customers to combine NGS magazine articles and maps with Wiley geoscience books to create a more customized and engaging learning solution for instructors and students.

EMBEDDED Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags in textbooks to track distribution and reduce supply of reimported, pirated, damaged, and comp copies; enforce returns policy; and improve customer experience by reducing shipping errors and the associated costs.

PARTNERED with Reaction Explorer, which uses expert system technology to predict the results of arbitrary organic chemistry reactions, to bring new capabilities to the online organic chemistry market. Students accessing Reaction Explorer through WileyPLUS will be able to achieve a higher level of understanding of the intricacies of organic chemistry reactions, syntheses, and mechanisms.

GREW the Microsoft Official Academic Course publishing program by 29%, partnering with Microsoft to provide colleges with a comprehensive workforce readiness program comprising print and online materials; since assuming responsibility for the program in 2006, Wiley has nearly doubled the business.

EXTENDED the Wiley Faculty Network to the global community of educators, hosting the first international virtual WFN Guest Lecture jointly with the Taiwan Accounting Association and launching a new Web site allowing faculty everywhere to engage with peers, Wiley authors, and Wiley products 24/7; hosted a virtual workshop for more than 250 community college instructors, distance learning coordinators, and administrators; served more than 20,000 instructors through peer-to-peer mentoring, virtual Guest Lectures, live workshops, and other events.

GAINED global digital rights for the Wiley Visualizing program, created in partnership with the National Geographic Society, bringing learners around the world the ability to engage actively with an array of NGS photographs, maps, illustrations, media, and film. Visualizing eBooks and WileyPLUS courses integrate text with multimedia assets and assessments, providing multiple entry points to the content. An independent study in fall 2009 found that students using Wiley Visualizing textbooks were more engaged and performed better than those using competing textbooks.

REGISTERED users of Wiley’s JacarandaPLUS eBook solution in Australia’s secondary schools increased from 13,000 in April 2009 to 85,000 in April 2010.

COMMUNITY college business grew by 21%, with Wiley products and services providing vital support for the increasingly important role these career-oriented, two-year schools are playing in a shifting economy.


CREATE new revenue streams and business models through digital delivery and outcomes-based learning.

INVEST in WileyPLUS to enhance and extend teaching and learning solutions.

EXTEND marketing reach through new capabilities, including social networking.

OPTIMIZE institutional selling to offer customers our quality products at affordable price points.

INCREASE market share and profitability through acquisitions.

MAXIMIZE global Higher Education revenue and cost savings by coordinating (print and digital) publishing, production, and marketing activities globally.

ACCELERATE revenue and margin growth through cross-business collaboration.

Higher Education Products


Educational materials in all media for two- and four-year colleges and universities and for-profit career colleges, as well as for secondary schools in Australia and advanced placement classes in U.S. high schools.


Undergraduate, graduate, and advanced placement students; educators, and lifelong learners worldwide, and secondary school students in Australia.


Multiple channels including college bookstores, online booksellers, and direct sales to customers.


Wiley, Wiley Custom Select, Wiley Desktop Editions, WileyFLEX, Wiley/Jossey-Bass, Wiley/MOAC , WileyPLUS , Wiley Visualizing, Business Extra Select, CATALYST, Jacaranda, Reaction Explorer.

Publishing Centers

Australia, Canada, India, U.K., U.S.

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