Emerging Markets
As powerful social, economic, and political forces continue to fuel the need for Wiley’s brand of refined content and services, the Company is expanding our presence around the world. Digital delivery of our products enables us to provide immediate, simultaneous global access to them.
Stephen M. Smith
The role of new and emerging markets as a source of revenue and content has become increasingly important for Wiley. Our ability to act globally, aided by technology, has enabled us to create consolidated centers of excellence sited strategically around the globe. The cost savings and efficiencies we are achieving help us make ongoing investments in the development of our business.

China has emerged (SEE VIDEO) from being an underdeveloped Wiley market to being one of the leading consumers of Wiley Online Library content as well as an increasingly important source of Wiley-Blackwell journal articles, a trend we are building on with an enhanced local presence and new services for researchers in the country. Wiley is developing online services for authors, scholars, researchers, and professionals through Chinese-language and bilingual sites such as WileyChina.com, the Chinese Scholars Network, and the Chinese version of our MaterialsViews.com portal.

Wiley’s substantial business in India continues to grow. We see India not only as an important market for our products but also as an important source of content, innovation, and talent. This year we opened an office in Dubai to capture more opportunities in the Middle East, and we are exploring opportunities to increase our presence in Brazil, recognizing it for its market potential and as a source of quality research-based content. India, the Middle East, and Brazil all present growing opportunities for a wide array of custom content, professional development programs, and full-service curriculum development services for higher education institutions.

Wiley’s reach around the world enables us to bring our must-have content and services to people who might otherwise not have access. Our contributions go toward strengthening research and instruction, improving local medical and agricultural practices, empowering experts to find solutions to difficult issues, and helping communities to thrive or rebuild after natural disasters.

In recent years, we have demonstrated this commitment by providing access to content through programs such as Research4Life and Cochrane Collaboration’s Evidence Aid. Wiley colleagues also volunteer and contribute on their own and to company-supported initiatives like the Wiley Dream Centre in Nepal, run with the Mitrataa Foundation, which teaches critical business and language skills to women and hosts an after-school program for girls.

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