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Professional and 
	Trade Division Proposal Submission Guidelines contact us

The Professional and Trade Division produces nonfiction book and electronic products for the professional, business, and general interest consumer markets. Our primary fields of interest are accounting, architecture and engineering, business, finance and investment, children's, computers, general interest (including current affairs, health, parenting, self-help, reference, history, biography, science, and nature), hospitality, law, psychology, and real estate.

To pursue a project idea, send the following information to the Professional and Trade Division at John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: a curriculum vitae and a proposal covering the following: title; discussion of the topic or product; why the product is needed by the marketplace; intended primary market and secondary markets; typical user profile; sales handles (what problems does the product help solve; why is the information important); review of competitive works and how the suggested product differs; and, if available, a table of contents; partial or complete manuscript; review of author's previous works.

You can expect early contact from the relevant editor to discuss your proposal with you. If your proposal is accepted by the Professional and Trade Division, you can expect an agreement with competitive royalty rates, feedback, and advice by a publishing professional during the development stage, a high-quality production effort, and very effective marketing and sales results.