Second Edition

Take a tour of a sample intranet, or use it as a starter template for your own intranet. This simple example will show you some of the typical application areas that an intranet can cover, and get you acquainted with the concept of how an internal web system works. TSM Incorporated is an imaginary company, used here only as an example.

The zipped version will only work in the Windows environment with a copy of WinZip or pkunzip. To download the zipped intranet, click on the link above and save to an empty folder on your hard drive. Then use WinZip or pkunzip unzip it. If you do not have this software, click here and enter "WinZip" or "pkzip" in the Search field to retrieve and install the software.

IMPORTANT: When unzipping the file, you must use the recursive unzip feature. In WinZip, while doing an Extract, check the option title "Use Folder Names." In pkunzip, use the -d option (e.g., pkunzip -d



ISBN 0-471-24775-8
414 pages
December, 1997

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