Internet Audio Sourcebook

Lee Purcell, Jordan Hemphill

"The World Wide Web has sprouted vocal cords, gained a voice, and begun to sing."—Lee Purcell and Jordan Hemphill.

Internet Audio Sourcebook offers you a quick, easy way to acquire the knowledge, skills, and some of the tools you need to build cutting-edge audio capabilities into your Web pages, including:

  • Music, narration, and sound effects
  • Streaming audio for real-time broadcasts
  • Automated, spoken-voice instruction
  • Audio conferencing and Internet telephony
  • MIDI techniques for musical training and analysis.

Taking a step-by-step approach, the authors get you up to speed on the latest audio tools and techniques. First they school you in the basics of creating, processing, and storing audio data. You learn the various methods of working with digital sound and how to use available tools to shape audio content for the Internet. Then they show you how to deliver your digital sound over the Web. They explain the HTML coding used to access audio files and teach you techniques for integrating Java applets, JavaScript code, and VBScript code into your HTML documents. Finally, they show you how to get the most out of new audio technologies, including streaming audio, MIDI applications, voice synthesis and recognition, and Internet telephony, as well as covering hot new products like the Headspace Beatnik audio engine and Liquid Audio.


You get fully functional demos of top-of-the-line sound processing applications, including Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge and Hohner Midia's Samplitude Studio. Authoring tools such as Symantec's Visual Café, Aimtech's Jamba, and Acadia Software's Infuse JavaScript editor are also included.

LEE PURCELL is a computer consultant and author of several computer books on emerging technologies, including the recent Complete Recordable-CD Guide.

JORDAN HEMPHILL is a technical writer, electronics designer, and audio expert.

Table of Contents

  • A Concise Audio Primer.
  • Compact Sound for the Web: MIDI.
  • The Digital Sound Studio.
  • Basic HTML Audio Techniques.
  • More HTML Audio Techniques.
  • Scripting Techniques for Internet Audio.
  • Streaming Audio on the Web.
  • MIDI on the Web.
  • Voice Synthesis, Recognition, and Other Applications.
  • Live Conversations on the Internet.
  • Push Technology: The Promise of Things to Come.
  • Appendices.
  • Index.

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September, 1997

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