Implementing Application Frameworks: Object-Oriented Frameworks at Work

Mohamed E. Fayad, Douglas C. Schmidt, Ralph E. Johnson

Frameworks are reusable software architectures that work for an entire family of related applications. Due to their generic nature, mature frameworks can be reused for many applications, saving the corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars in software development costs. However, the costs of building a framework are impressive (typically cited at $1-8 million). Confronting that kind of investment, business is very eager to read about best practices and shared experience in actual implementations. The field is brand new and there is as yet no blueprint for framework construction. This book is the first publication of real world experiences with frameworks. As such it represents a major contribution to the literature. Editors and authors are the top tier of object-oriented technology and research worldwide.

Table of Contents

    • Domain Framework for Sales Promotions (A. Dalebout, et al.).
    • A Reflective and Repository-Based Framework (M. Devos & M. Tilman).
    • Speech Recognition Framework (S. Srinivasan & J. Vergo).
    • Neural Network Components (F. Beckenkamp & W. Pree).
    • A Framework for Agent Systems (E. Kendall, et al.).
    • A Model for Reusable Agent Systems (D. Brugali & K. Sycara).
    • Experimentation with an Agent-Oriented Platform in Java (P. Marcenac & R. Courdier).
  • TOOLS (M. Fayad).
    • CSP++: A Framework for Executable Specifications (W. Gardner & M. Serra).
    • Applying Inheritance Beyond Class-Based Languages (G. Banavar & G. Lindstrom).
    • Luthier - Building Framework-Visualization Tools (M. Campo & R. Price).
    • Scalable Architecture for Reliable, High Volume Data Feed Handlers (R. Kannan).
    • Hierarchical and Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Systems (D. Brugali).
    • Modeling Collections of Changing Interdependent Objects (A. Ahmed, et al.).
    • Oberon with Gadgets -- A Simple Component Framework (J. Gutknecht & M. Franz).
    • Inheritance Management and Method Dispatch Framework (W. Holst & D. Szafron).
    • Constraint Satisfaction Problems Framework (P. Roy, et al.).
    • Developing Frameworks to Support Design Reuse (H. Erdogmus & O. Tanir).
    • Language Support for Application Framework Design (G. Hedin & J. Knudsen).
    • Tigger: A Framework Supporting Distributed and Persistent Objects (V. Cahill).
    • The Deja vu Scheduling Class Library (J. Dorn).
    • A Framework for Graphics Recognition (L. Wenyin & D. Dori).
    • A Java Beans Framework for Cryptographic Protocols (P. Nikander & J. Parssinen).
    • Dynamic Database Instance Framework (D. Janello, et al.).
    • Compound User Interfaces Framework (C. Szyperski & C. Pfister).
  • EXPERIENCES (M. Fayad).
    • Developing Framework Using Patterns (B. Woolf).
    • Experiences with Semantic Graphics Framework (A. Rosel & K. Erni).
    • Enterprise Model-Based Framework (J. Greenfield & A. Chatterjee).
  • Appendices.
  • Book Index.

    Copyright © 1999 John Wiley & Sons, Wiley Computer Books


ISBN 0471252018
729 pages
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