CORBA 3 Fundamentals and Programming, Second Edition

Jon Siegel

An insider’s guide to programming distributed objects using all of CORBA 3’s powerful new services and facilities

Building on a new component-based architecture, more robust Java and Internet integration, asynchronous invocation modes, and quality-of-service control, CORBA 3 makes distributed programming more powerful and productive than ever before. In this Second Edition of the bestselling guide to CORBA programming, an OMG insider shows architects and programmers how to make the most of all of these features.

Author and editor Jon Siegel:

  • Starts with an overview of CORBA, including all of the features added with details of the Object Management Architecture’s CORBAservices and CORBAfacilities, including specifications in the CORBAdomains
  • Walks you through a tutorial presentation of a real-world distributed CORBA application working the same example on 11 ORBs in the key enterprise programming languages C++, Java, and COBOL

On the CD-ROM you’ll find almost everything you need to build and run the example (except a computer, of course):

  • The IDL files (identical for all ORBs and languages)
  • All source code in C++ , Java, and COBOL
  • Makefiles for every ORB discussed
  • Sample ORBs and development environments

Contributors include:
Dan Frantz, BEA Systems, Inc.
Patrick Ryan, Expersoft Corp.
Virgil Albaugh, IBM Corp.
Michael Cheng, IBM Corp.
Alan Conway, IONA Technologies PLC
Jim O’Leary, IONA Technologies PLC
Frederic Desjarlais, Inprise Corp.
David Gamble, MERANT plc
Martin Tonge, Peerlogic, Inc.
UML chapter contributed by Cris Kobryn, a coauthor of the UML specification and co-chair of the UML Revision Task Force.
MOF chapter contributed by Sridhar Iyengar, the principal author of the MOF specification.

Table of Contents

  • Introducing CORBA and the OMA.
  • Technical Overview.
  • Introducing OMG IDL.
  • Understanding the ORB, Part 1: Client Side.
  • Understanding the ORB: Server Side.
  • CORBA Interoperability.
  • Language Mappings, II: C++.
  • Language Mappings, -: Java.
  • Language Mappings: COBOL.
  • Designing with the CORBAservices and CORBAfacilities.
  • Naming and Trader Services.
  • CORBAservices, Part 2: Event and Notification Services.
  • CORBAservices, Part 5: Transaction and Concurrency Services.
  • CORBAservices IV: Security Feb.
  • CORBAservices, Part 5: Introduction to the Other CORBAServices and the CORBAFacilities.
  • Lifecycle and Relationship Services.
  • CORBAservices: Property and Query Services.
  • CORBAdomains: Intro, Architecture.
  • Current Domain Specs.
  • UML and the MOF.
  • Tutorial Example: Overview and Scenario.
  • The Tutorial Example: Analysis and Design.
  • ORB Product Descriptions.
  • Coding and Compiling the IDL JS.
  • The Depot.
  • Depot Implementation in Java.
  • Depot: Overview and COBOL Language Coding.
  • Store: Overview and C++ Coding.
  • Store: Java Coding.
  • Store: COBOL Coding.
  • 3POS: Overview and C++ Coding.
  • POS: Java Coding.
  • POS: COBOL Coding.
  • Running the Example.
  • Index.

Copyright © 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Wiley Computer Books

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