Enterprise Application Integration with CORBA Component and Web-Based Solutions

Ron Zahavi

"This book...gives EAI architects and developers the opportunity to learn directly from the authority on distributed computing, EAI, and CORBA." —David S. Linthicum Chief Technology Officer, SAGA Software, Inc.

In this book a CORBA pioneer provides proven, cost-effective techniques for integrating enterprise applications (including legacy applications) into modern, multiplatform systems. He also offers valuable advice and guidance on how to build new CORBA-based applications using the latest features of CORBA 3 . With the help of numerous case studies and examples, he provides detailed solutions for specific integration problems along with step-by-step guidance on:

  • Using CORBA as the infrastructure for EAI
  • Architecture principles for integrating the Web and back-end systems
  • CORBA Component Model for component-based development
  • Relationship of CORBA components to DCOM, JavaBeans, and Enterprise JavaBeans
  • Using the essential CORBA services
  • Object wrapping techniques for integrating legacy applications into multi-platform systems
  • Building secure, multiplatform Web applications
On the companion Web site at www.wiley.com/compbooks/zahavi/ you'll find:
  • Articles on related topics
  • Continually maintained ORB and integration server, vendor, and product comparisons
  • A dynamic discussion group on architectural best practices

RON ZAHAVI is Vice President of the EAI Frameworks Solutions practice at Concept Five Technologies, Inc. This group of integration technology experts and architects supports the development of online solutions using distributed objects, messaging, Java, and the Web. He coauthored, with Tom Mowbray, the international bestseller The Essential CORBA. He is currently serving on the OMG Architecture Board. Contributors include:John Marsh Concept Five Technologies, Inc. Mindy Rudell Concept Five Technologies, Inc. Bill Swift EDS John Tisaranni Concept Five Technologies, Inc.

Table of Contents

    • Systems and Application Integration.
    • Architecting and Integrated System.
    • Architecture Design Principles.
    • Applying the OMA.
    • Essential CORBA Services: Part One.
    • Essntial CORBA Services: Part Two.
    • Implementing a CORBA-Based Web Architecture.
    • Integrating the Enterprise with Distributed Object Components.
    • Securing the Enterpise.
    • Integrating the Legacy.
    • EAI and CORBA: Lessons Learned.
  • Appendices.
  • Index.

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