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The HTML Sourcebook
Third Edition

by Ian S. Graham

Example Documents, Corrections, Updates and Supporting Material

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Welcome to the support Web site of The HTML Sourcebook: A Complete Guide to HTML, Third Edition , by Ian S. Graham, published by John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0-471-17575-7. This Web site, maintained jointly at Wiley and the author's own server, contains extensive supporting documentation for the book, including examples and updates. It's better than a CD-ROM -- it is more up-to-date, and cheaper too!

Want more information? -- To find out more about the book, visit the book overview, which outlines the content of the book's 12 Chapters and 5 Appendices.

Wiley Online Supporting Material

The Wiley Web site contains supporting material not avaialable in the printed book:
Description of Hypertext REL/REV Link Relationships
This document describes hypertext links and the meanings of REL/REV values proposed for specifying the meaning behind a link. This document is available in Word 6Word 2 for WindowsRTF (Rich Text), WordPerfect 5.x,  and Postscript formats.

Glossary of Important Terms
This document provides a glossary of important Web and Internet terms. This is available in HTML,   Word 6,   Word 2 for Windows,   RTF (Rich Text),   WordPerfect 5.x,  and Postscript formats.

Author-Maintained Supporting Material

Additional supporting material, including all the example documents from the book, plus updates and corrections to the book, is available at the author's Web site. Please visit the author's Site Contents page for a complete list of these additional resources.

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