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Great Web Typography

Wendy Peck

Finally, a book devoted to Web Type!

Great Web Typography has only one purpose: To teach you how to create professional type for the Web. You'll learn how to create both CSS controlled text, and text as an image. Most important, you'll learn how to create pages that will capture audience attention, and direct your visitors to the best content on your site.

Take a peek at the introductory pages to see the book's focus. For a closer look at the clear and concise presentation, see a sample chapter in PDF format (1.85mb). You can also check a few reviews, including the forward by one of the most creative minds in software, Nick Bradbury, creator of Honesite and TopStyle.

Wendy Peck is a working Web designer, and has written four books on Web Design, plus contributed several chapters to Photoshop 7 Complete Course, by Jan Kabili. See About Wendy Peck to learn more about her work as well as her Web methods and philosophy.

Visit Wendy Peck's site for this title.

Files for Chapter 12

In Chapter 12, you work through the entire process to design a Web page. You can see the final page displayed here, or download the full folder in ZIP format.


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ISBN 0-7645-3700-8
338 Pages
January 2003

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