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Encyclopedia of Epidemiologic Methods

Mitchell H. Gail, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Jacques Benichou, University of Rouen, Medical School and Rouen University Hospital, France

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Encyclopedia of Biostatistics

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1000 pages
0471 86641 5

August 2000



Featuring contributions from leading experts in academia, government and industry the Encyclopedia of Epidemiologic Methods, has been designed to complement existing texts on the subject by providing further extensive, up-to-date coverage of specialized topics and by introducing the reader to the research literature.

Offering a wealth of information in a single resource the Encyclopedia of Epidemiologic Methods...

  • Offers an excellent introduction to a vast array of topics
  • Includes in-depth coverage of the statistical underpinnings of contemporary epidemiologic methods
  • Features newly commissioned articles in addition to the existing 190, many of which have been updated and revised
  • Provides concise definitions and introductions to numerous concepts found in the current literature
  • Uses extensive cross-references helping to facilitate further research, and enabling the reader to locate definitions and related concepts
Featuring articles from the prestigious Encyclopedia of Biostatistics, many of which have been revised and updated to include recent developments, the Encylopedia of Epidemiologic Methods also includes newly commissioned articles reflecting the latest thinking in:
  • Cancer Registries
  • Birth Defect Registries
  • Meta Analysis of Epidemiologic Studies
  • Epidemiology Overview
  • Sample Size
  • Sex Ratio at Birth
  • Software for Design and Analysis

Encompassing all aspects of epidemiology...

In addition to featuring extensive articles in the areas of descriptive and analytic epidemiology, the Encyclopedia also provides the reader with:

  • Introductory articles for more specialised areas including:
    • Genetic Epidemiology
    • Infectious Disease Epidemiology
    • Nutritional Epidemiology
    • Occupational Epidemiology

  • Articles on Case-control Design covering such topics as:
    • General principles
    • Bias
    • Hospital-based designs
    • Nested designs
    • Population-based designs
    • Prevalent case designs
    • Two-phase designs and Sequential designs

  • Substantial coverage of allied statistical methods including:
    • Logistic regression
    • Survival analysis

  • Extensive cross-references linking entries to related topics

Main Page for this Work
Table of Contents
About the Editors

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