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The Encyclopedia
of Cell Technology

(2-Volume Set)

Editor-in-Chief: Raymond E. Spier, Ph.D.
Editors: Bryan Griffiths and Alan H. Scragg

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  • ISBN: 0-471-16123-3
    Pages: ~1,200
    Articles: 110
    Publishing: January 2000


    The Encyclopedia of Cell Technology is the first truly comprehensive A-Z reference covering all aspects of both plant and animal cell technology.

    The Encyclopedia of Cell Technology is a two-volume set comprised of approximately 120 articles written and reviewed by over 200 internationally recognized experts in the field of plant and animal cell culture. Unlike other works on cell biology or cell technology, the Encyclopedia of Cell Technology provides complete coverage of all aspects of both animal and plant cultures.

    The clear and concise entries, arranged alphabetically, provide the reader with timely, comprehensive and practical treatments of critical issues facing the fields of animal and plant cell technology. The Encyclopedia topic coverage includes ethical and regulatory issues; the basic science of cells and cell culture; techniques and equipment used in growing cultures and harvesting product; product development and classification; licensing and patenting, as well as the history of cell technology.

    It is estimated that the market for products derived from biotechnology, specifically cell culture technology, will double in size by the end of the century. The Encyclopedia of Cell Technology, is the only reference work to cover all aspects of both plant and animal technology in one single source. Research scientists and professionals in both academia and industry, will find the comprehensive Encyclopedia of Cell Technology an indispensable and time saving reference work.


    • Locating topics is quick and easy with alphabetical organization and a detailed index.
    • Each main entry is conveniently divided into logical subtopics, including a general summary of the field followed by more technical information and applications.
    • Contributions from over 200 internationally recognized experts in both industry and academia provide well-balanced and comprehensive coverage.
    • In-depth up-to-date information on such critical issues as product licensing, patenting, ethics and regulatory issues provide practical information that can increase productivity and save valuable research time.

    Description | Preface

  • Main Page for this Work
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Contributors

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