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Methods in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy

Edited by: 
I. R. Young, Hammersmith Hospital, London UK
D.M. Grant, University of Utah
R. K. Harris, University of Durham

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2 volume set
Approx. 1400pp
ISBN: 0471-98804-9
October 2000 

Pre-pub Price valid until December 31, 2000


Table of Contents

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Historical Overview
E. Raymond Andrew

MRI in Clinical Medicine
Fergus V. Coakley and Alexander R. Margulis

Whole Body Studies: Impact of MRS
George K. Radda

Low-Field Whole Body Systems 
Leon Kaufman, David Kramer, Joseph Carlson and Mitsuaki Arakawa

MRI at Midfield Strength
Jane M. Hawnaur and Ian Isherwood

High-Field Whole Body Systems
Hoby P. Hetherington and Gerald M. Pohost

Sensitivity of the NMR Experiment
David I. Hoult

Sensitivity of Whole Body MRI Experiments
David I. Hoult

Outcome and Efficacy–Analysis of Healthcare Methods
Martin J. Lipton, Charles E. Metz and Larry A. Ranahan

Quality Control and Quantification in Whole Body MRI and MRS
Franca Podo, Wim M. M. J. Bovée and J. Stewart Orr

Health and Safety Aspects of Human MR Studies
Thomas F. Budinger

Radiofrequency Fields: Interactions, Biological Effects, and Safety Issues 
Jeffery W. Hand

Resistive and Permanent Magnets for Whole Body MRI
Frank Davies

Cryogenic Magnets for Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Systems
David L. Rayner, Peter J. Feenan, and Rory J. Warner

Gradient Coil Systems
Robert Turner

Whole Body MRI: Local and Inserted Gradient Coils
Eric C. Wong

Radiofrequency Systems and Coils for MRI and MRS
William A. Edelstein

Birdcage Resonators: Highly Homogeneous Radiofrequency Coils for Magnetic Resonance
Cecil E. Hayes

Surface and Other Local Coils for In Vivo Studies
James S. Hyde

Whole Body Machines: NMR Phased Array Coil Systems
Peter B. Roemer, William A. Edelstein, and Cecil E. Hayes

Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers: All-Digital Transmit/Receive Systems
G. Neil Holland

Surface Coil NMR: Detection with Inhomogeneous Radiofrequency Field Antennas
Coleen S. Bosch and Joseph J. H. Ackerman

Multifrequency Coils for Whole Body Studies
Joseph Murphy-Boesch

Coils for Insertion into the Human Body
Gregory C. Hurst and George J. Misic

Refrigerated and Superconducting Receiver Coils for Whole Body Magnetic Resonance
Michael Burl and Ian R. Young

ESR Probes as Field Detectors in MRI
Gösta Ehnholm

Eddy Currents and Their Control
Michael Burl and Ian R. Young

Patient Life Support and Monitoring Facilities for Whole Body MRI
Chris Boesch

Image Formation Methods
Lawrence E. Crooks

Spin Warp Data Acquisition
James M. S. Hutchison

Spin Warp Method: Artifacts
James M. S. Hutchison

Projection–Reconstruction in MRI
Gary H. Glover and John M. Pauly

Spiral Scanning Imaging Techniques
Albert Macovski and Craig H. Meyer

Spatial Encoding Using Multiple rf Coils: SMASH Imaging and Parallel MRI
Daniel K. Sodickson

Whole Body Magnetic Resonance: Fast Low-Angle Acquisition Methods
Axel Haase

Multi Echo Acquisition Techniques Using Inverting Radiofrequency Pulses in MRI
Jürgen K. Hennig

Echo-Planar Imaging
Peter Mansfield

Partial Fourier Acquisition in MRI
Paul M. Margosian, Gordon DeMeester and Haiying Liu

Wavelet Encoding of MRI Images
Lawrence P. Panych and Ferenc A. Jolesz

Selective Excitation in MRI and MR Spectroscopy
Andrew A. Maudsley and Gerald B. Matson

Selective Excitation Methods: Artifacts
Ian R. Young

Complex Radiofrequency Pulses
Peter G. Morris

Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Artifacts
R. Mark Henkelman

Motion Artifacts: Mechanism and Control
Michael L. Wood

Pulsatility Artifacts Due to Blood Flow and Tissue Motion and Their Control
Pradip M. Pattany

Image Quality and Perception
Brian S. Worthington

Image Segmentation, Texture Analysis, Data Extraction, and Measurement
Stephen J. Reiderer

Whole Body MRI: Strategies for Improving Imaging Efficiency
Felix W. Wehrli

Multiple Quantum Coherence Imaging
Timothy J. Norwood and Laurie D. Hall

Inversion–Recovery Pulse Sequence in MRI    
Graeme M. Bydder

Whole Body Studies Involving Spin-Lattice Relaxation in the Rotating Frame
Raimo E. Sepponen

Tissue Water and Lipids: Chemical Shift Imaging and Other Methods
W.Thomas Dixon

Marker Grids for Observing Motion in MRI
Leon Axel

Brain Parenchyma Motion Observed by MRI    
Van J. Wedeen and Brigitte Ponceleti

Cardiac Gating Practice
David N. Firmin

Overhauser Effect Imaging of Free Radicals 
David J. Lurie

Hyperpolarized Gas Imaging
James R. MacFall and Bastiaan Driehuys

Lung and Mediastinum: A Discussion of the Relevant NMR Physics
David C. Ailion

Alexia J. Lawrence, Raja Muthupillai, and Richard L. Ehman

MR-Guided Biopsy, Aspiration, and Cyst Damage
Jonathan S. Lewin

Postoperative Trauma Observed by MRI
David N. F. Harris

NMR Microscopy: Resolution      
Z. H. Cho, S. C. Lee, and M. H. Cho

Susceptibility and Diffusion Effects in NMR Microscopy
Paul T. Callaghan

Imaging of Wide-Band Systems by Line-Narrowing Methods
Bruno Maraviglia, Francesco de Luca, Bruna C. De Simone and Nicola Lugeri

Imaging Techniques for Solids and Quasi-Solids
John H. Strange and Morley R. Halse

Plants, Seeds, Roots, and Solids as Applications of Magnetic Resonance Microscopy
Janet S. MacFall and G. Allan Johnson

Polymer MRI
Allen N. Garroway

CSF Velocity Imaging
William G. Bradley, Jr.

Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Angiography

E. Mark Haacke, Weili Lin, and Debaio Li

Time-of-Flight Method of MRA
Gerhard Laub

Phase Contrast MRA
Charles L. Dumoulin and Patrick A. Turski

Blood Flow: Quantitative Measurement by MRI
David N. Firmin and Raad H. Mohiaddin

Assessment of Regional Blood Flow and Volume by Kinetic Analysis of Contrast-Dilution Curves
Johannes C Böck and Roland Felix

Cerebral Perfusion Imaging by Exogenous Contrast Agents
Leif Østergaard

Methods and Applications of Diffusion MRI
Denis Le Bihan

Anisotropically Restricted Diffusion in MR
Michael E. Moseley and Alex de Crespigny

Diffusion: Clinical Utility of MRI Studies
Ole Henriksen

Image Processing of Functional MRI Data
Karl J. Friston

Functional MRI at High Fields: Practice and Utility
Kamil Urgurbil, Wei Chen, Xiaoping Hu, Seong-Gi Kim, Seiji Ogawa and Xiao-Hung Zhu

Hemodynamic Changes Owing to Sensory Activation of the Brain Monitored by Echo-Planar Imaging
Peter A. Bandettini, Jeffrey R. Binder, Edgar E. DeYoe, and James S. Hyde

Relaxometry of Tissue
Seymour H. Koenig and Rodney D. Brown III

Relaxation Measurements in Imaging Studies
Margaret A. Foster and Axel Haase

Relaxation Measurements in Whole Body MRI: Clinical Utility
Peter A. Rinck

Susceptibility Effects in Whole Body Experiments
Jerrold L. Boxerman, Robert M. Weisskoff and Bruce R. Rosen

Magnetization Transfer between Water and Macromolecules in Proton MRI
Robert S. Balaban

Magnetization Transfer and Cross Relaxation in Tissue
Robert G. Bryant

Magnetization Transfer Contrast: Clinical Applications
Christine J. Baudouin

Temperature Measurement In Vivo Using NMR
Ian R. Young

Contrast Agents in Whole Body Magnetic Resonance: an Overview
Thomas J. Brady and Peter Reimer

Contrast Agents in Magnetic Resonance: Operating Mechanisms
Robert N. Muller

Gadolinium Chelates: Chemistry, Safety and Behavior
Hanns-Joachim Weinmann, Andreas Mühler and Bernd Radüchel

Gadolinium Chelate Contrast Agents in MRI: Clinical Applications
Val M. Runge

Contrast Agents in MRI: Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide
Liliane A. Harika and Ralph Weissleder

Single Voxel Whole Body Phosphorus MRS
Roger J. Ordidge, Joseph A. Helpern, James W. Hugg and Gerald B. Matson

Single Voxel Localized Proton NMR Spectroscopy of Human Brain In Vivo
Jens Frahm and Wolfgang Hänicke

Chemical Shift Imaging
Truman R. Brown

Localization and Registration Issues Important for Serial MRS Studies of Focal Brain Lesions Page 763
Douglas L. Arnold and Paul M. Matthews

pH Measurement In Vivo in Whole Body Systems
Neil A. Farrow, John H. Richards and Brian D. Ross

Proton Decoupling During In Vivo Whole Body Phosphorus MRS
Rolf M. J. N. Lamerichs and Peter R. Luyten

Proton Decoupling in Whole Body Carbon-13 MRS
Glyn A. Coutts and David J. Bryant

Rotating Frame Methods for Spectroscopic Localization
Peter Styles

Spatial Localization Techniques for Human MRS
David J. Bryant and Glyn A. Coutts

Water Suppression in Proton MRS of Humans and Animals
Chrit T. W. Moonen and Peter C. M. van Zijl

Quantitation in In Vivo MRS
Wim M. M. J. Bovée, Ronald de Beer, Dirk van Ormondt, Peter R. Luyten and
Jan A. den Hollander

Sodium-23 Magnetic Resonance of Human Subjects
Peter M. Joseph

Phosphorus-31 Magnetization Transfer: Studies In Vivo
Ruth M. Dixon 

Applications of 19F-NMR to Oncology
Paul M. J. McSheehy, Laurent P. Lemaire, and John R. Griffiths

Fluorine-19 MRS: General Overview and Anesthesia
David K. Menon

Body Fat Metabolism: Observation by MR Imaging and Spectroscopy
E. Louise Thomas and Jimmy D. Bell

EPR and In Vivo EPR: Roles for Experimental and Clinical NMR Studies
Harold M. Swartz and Goran Bacíc

Body Fluids
Jimmy D. Bell and Peter J. Sadler

Cation Movements Across Cell Walls of Intact Tissues Using MRS
James A. Balschi, Kieran Clarke, Laura C. Stewart, Monique Bernard and Joanne S. Ingwall

Cells and Cell Systems MRS
Jerry D. Glickson

Tissue and Cell Extracts MRS
Patrick J. Cozzone, Sylviane Confort-Gouny, and Jean Vion-Dury

Tissue NMR Ex Vivo
Ian C. P. Smith and Tedros Bezabeh

Animal Methods in MRS
David G. Gadian

Animal Models of Stroke Studied by MRI
Mark F. Lythgoe and David G. Gadian

Spectroscopic Studies of Animal Tumor Models
Simon P. Robinson, Cheryl L. McCoy, and John R. Griffiths

In Vivo ESR Imaging of Animals
Graham R. Cherryman, Andrew D. Stevens, and Colin M. Smith

Ischemic Stroke
William T. C. Yuh, Toshihiro Udea, J. Randy Jinkins, and Ronald A. Rauch

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of White Matter Disease
Donald M. Hadley

Brain Neoplasms Studied by MRI
Andrew P. Kelly and Michael N. Brant-Zawadzki

Intracranial Infections       
Spyros K. Karampekios and John R. Hesselink

Hemorrhage in the Brain and Neck Observed by MRI
Robert I. Grossman

Eye, Orbit, Ear, Nose, and Throat Studies Using MRI
Mahmood F. Mafee

Head and Neck Investigations by MRI
Yoshimi Anzai and Robert B. Lufkin

Head and Neck Studies using MRA
Paul M. Ruggieri, Jean A. Tkach, and Thomas J. Masaryk

Central Nervous System Degenerative Disease Observed by MRI
Frank J. Lexa

Cranial Nerves Investigated by MRI
Anton N. Hasso and Peggy J. Fritzsche

Pituitary Gland and Parasellar Region Studied by MRI
Richard Farb and Walter Kucharczyk

Pediatric Brain MRI: Applications in Neonates and Infants
Jacqueline M. Pennock

Temperomandibular Joint MRI
Steven E. Harms

Degenerative Disk Disease Studied by MRI
Michael T. Modic

Brain MRS of Human Subjects
James W. Prichard

Brain Infection and Degenerative Disease Studied by Proton MRS
Robert E. Lenkinski, Dolores López-Villegas, and Supoch Tunlayadechanont

Brain MRS of Infants and Children
Ernest B. Cady and E. Osmund R. Reynolds

Brain Neoplasms in Humans Studied by Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectroscopy
Wolfhard Semmler and Peter Bachert

Systemically Induced Encephalopathies: Newer Clinical Applications of MRS
Brian D. Ross, Stefan Bluml, Kay J. Seymour, Jeannie Tan, Jong-Hee Hwang and Alexander Lin

Structural and Functional MR in Epilepsy
Graeme D. Jackson and Alan Connelly

MRI and MRS of Neuropyschiatry
Basant K. Puri

Neurosurgical Procedures Monitored by Intraoperative MRI    
Terence Z Wong, Richard B. Schwartz, Arya Nabavi, Richard S. Pergolizzi Jr, Peter M. Black, Eben Alexander III, Claudia H. Martin, and Ferenc A. Jolesz

MR-Guided Therapy in the Brain
Volker Tronnier, Antonio A. F. Desalles, Yoshimi Anzai, Keith L. Black and Robert B. Lufkin

Heart: Clinical Applications of MRI
Scott D. Flamm and Charles B. Higgins

Cardiovascular NMR to Study Function
Donald B. Longmore

NMR Spectroscopy of the Human Heart
Paul A. Bottomley

Lung and Mediastinum MRI
Robert J. Herfkens

Breast MRI
Sylvia H. Heywang-Köbrunner and Hans Oellinger

Liver, Pancreas, Spleen and Kidney MRI
David Stark and Ashley Davidoff

Abdominal MRA
Paolo Pavone, Andrea Laghi, Carlo Catalano, Valeria Panebianco, Francesco Fraioli, Isabella Baeli, and Roberto Passariello

Tissue Behavior Measurements Using Phosphorus-31 NMR
Simon D. Taylor-Robinson and Claude D. Marcus

In Vivo Hepatic MRS of Humans
Isobel Jane Cox

Thermal Therapies in the Body Monitored by MRI
Margaret A. Hall-Craggs, S. Smart and A. Gillams

Pediatric Body MRI
Rosalind B. Dietrich and Gerald M. Roth

Male Pelvis Studies Using MRI
Hedvig Hricak and William T. Okuno

MRI of the Female Pelvis
Robert C. Smith, Michael J. Varanelli, Leslie M. Scoutt, and Shirley McCarthy

Kidney, Prostate, Testicle and Uterus of Subjects Studied by MRS
Michael W. Weiner

Design and Use of Internal Receiver Coils for MRI
Nandita M. deSouza, David J. Gilderdale and Glyn A. Coutts

Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy
Nandita M. deSouza, Glyn A. Coutts, David J. Larkman, and David J. Gilderdale

Imaging and Spectroscopy of Muscle
Chris Boesch and Roland Kreis

Peripheral Vasculature MRA
Cathy Maldjian and Mitchell D. Schnall

Skeletal Muscle Evaluated by MRI
James L. Fleckenstein

Peripheral Joint Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Paul S. Hsieh and John V. Crues III

Peripheral Muscle Metabolism Studied by MRS
Peter A. Martin, Henry Gibson, and Richard H. T. Edwards

MRI of Musculoskeletal Neoplasms
Johan L. Bloem

Imaging of Trabecular Bone
Felix W. Wehrli

Articles not in book

Dietary Changes Studied by MRS
Maria L. Barnard and Jimmy D. Bell

Flow in Whole Body MR
E. Mark Haacke, Weili Lin and Debiao Li

MRI in Sport Medicine
J. Enholm

Use of Hyperpolarized 3He and 129Xe in Human MRI
Janet S. MacFall

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Table of Contents

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