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Wiley US PT does not specify or supply WileyML conversion tools.

We have supplied this documentation to help you to:

  1. Tag Wiley book content with WileyML elements, including:
    • Any specified value for feature and featureSimple type attribute (example: <feature type="note">
    • Restrictions on electronic rights for select images or text (example: <graphic xlink:href="file://image_a/afg001.tif" color="yes" eRights="no" pRights="yes" copyright="Wiley Publishing, Inc."/>)
  2. Establish your own processes

USPT_XML_Workflow_Vendor.pdf outlines the workflow steps.

USPT_XML_DART_Deliverables.pdf specifies how to fulfill a REDCAP request for XML for delivery to DART and gives examples of the deliverables required for each DART content unit.

You will receive a filled-out Conversion Form along with DIAMOND setup information for each new project. WileyPT_XML_ConversionForm_Example.pdf is a sample conversion form.

USPT_WileyML_WileySD_Mapping.xls (updated April 16, 2010) maps WileySD Styles (MS Word manuscript) to the most appropriate WileyML (XML) element or element/attribute combination.

USPT_FeatureType_Values.pdf is the restricted list of feature and featureSimple type attribute values.

USPT_XML_CommonErrors.pdf lists particular WileyML elements that have caused multiple validation or QC errors in the past.

WileyML Documentation

The current version of the WileyML DTD and documentation for it may be found at:

login: wileyguest
password: wileyguest

The WileyML 2.1 Reference Manual may be found at: