Radio Access for Third Generation Mobile Communications

Revised Edition

Edited by Harri Holma and Antti Toskala, both of Nokia Group, Finland

0471 48687 6 March 2001 Hardback 338pp


WCDMA for UMTS provides a complete picture of the Wideband CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) air interface of the 3rd generation cellular systems - UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems). WCDMA is designed for multimedia communications including high quality images and video, and access to services with high data rates. These capabilities will create new business opportunities for manufacturers, operators and for the providers of content and applications.

  • Explains the key parts of the 3GPP/WCDMA standard and provides guidelines for its efficient use
  • Presents network dimensioning and coverage and capacity planning of WCDMA
  • Introduces radio resource management algorithms in the WCDMA network
  • Examines the coverage and capacity of WCDMA up to 2Mbps using numerous simulation results
  • Introduces the TDD (Time Divisions Duplex) mode
  • Discusses the co-existence of TDD and FDD (Frequency Divisions and Duplex) and highlights their main differences
Written by leading experts in the field, this practical approach to the key features in WCDMA will have wide-ranging appeal to Research and Development Engineers, Practising Engineers, Cellular Operators, Technical Managers and Students on Telecommunications courses.

Now includes the main modifications made to the 3GPP standard up until the end of 2000 and features the following new material:

  • Reference terminal classes
  • Current status of UMTS licensing
  • Capacity upgrade paths and capacity per km2
  • Inter-frequency handovers and inter-system handovers to GSM
  • Antenna diversity gain measurements in the WCDMA experimental system


  • Introduction
  • UMTS Services and Applications
  • Introduction to WCDMA
  • Background and Standardization of WCDMA
  • Radio Access Network Architecture
  • Physical Layer
  • Radio Interface Protocols
  • Radio Network Planning
  • Radio Resource Management
  • Packet Access
  • Physical Layer Performance
  • UTRA TDD Mode
  • Multi-carrier CDMA Mode in IMT-2000

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