The Cellular Connection
A Guide to Cellular Telephones
Fourth Edition

Robert A. Steuernagel, Vice President, Strategis Group, Inc., Washington DC, USA

0471 31652 0 November 1999 Hardback 144pp

Written in a nontechnical language by an industry insider, this new edition of a highly successful book demystifies both service and technology, explains the shift from mobiles to portables, and updates all information on cellular phone equipment. Numerous illustrations, photographs, and a special Cellular Buyer's Checklist also accompany this unique guide, which answers a wealth of cellular telephony questions, including:
  • How the cellular system works
  • The purpose and advantages of various features
  • How to choose, install, and operate your phone
  • How to make sense of your phone bill
  • What to do when traveling outside your home area
  • How to tell when you're roaming
  • What's in the future, including digital cellular and PCS


  • An Introduction to Cellular Phone Systems
  • Cellular Phone Equipment
  • The Business of Cellular Phones
  • Getting Cellular Service
  • The Bill, Please
  • Hello, Ma? It's Me!
  • Roaming
  • Mobile and Transportable Phones
  • Options and Accessories
  • Dealing with Operational Difficulties
  • Safety and Security
  • Into the Future.

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