The Easy Guide to Repertory Grids
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Cover Image The Easy Guide to Repertory Grids
Devi Jankowicz

0470 85404 9   230pp   Sept 2003   Paperback

Welcome to the site of the book!

The Easy Guide to Repertory Grids is a user-friendly introduction to grid technique. The technique is a convenient way of understanding other people in their own terms. This is useful for professional psychologists, but it's also rather handy for laypeople. Or, putting it another way, we're all psychologists trying to make sense of our own experience, and the grid is another addition to our resource of personal and social skills. The range of applications is enormous. Glance at Chapter 2 if you haven't done so already!

The book stands on its own, and you can learn the basics of Grid technique by working your way through its chapters, doing the exercises, and checking the answers in Appendix 1. But you might want some additional practice with the various techniques described in the book, and that's one objective of this website: to provide greater facility in understanding the person you're working with. PRACTICAL MINDREADING

You have to spend a little time in applying yourself to the material if you're going to learn the technique thoroughly, but there's no need to feel that you're doing this all by yourself! There's a wealth of resources, help facilities, and other people out there who are ready to answer your questions. THE REPGRID GATEWAY will put you in contact with them.

Enjoy the site.

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