Adaptive and dynamic methods of treatment assignment
Antibacterial agent trials
Audit and quality control

Bayesian methods
Benefit/risk assessment
Blinding or masking

Clinical significance versus statistical significance
Clinical trials, overview
Cluster randomization
Cochrane collaboration
Community intervention trials
Compliance assessment
CONSORT Controlled clinical trials (J)
Cooperative cancer trials
Cooperative heart disease trials
Cooperative studies program, US Department of Veterans Affairs
Covariate imbalance, adjustment for
Crossover designs

Data and safety monitoring
Data and safety monitoring boards
Data management and coordination
Drug approval and regulation
Drug interactions

Eligibility and exclusion criteria
Equivalence trials
European Federation of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (EPSPI)
European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

Factorial designs

Group-randomization designs

Historical controls, bias from
History, early cancer and heart disease trials
History, overview

Intention to treat analysis
International Studies of Infarct Survival (ISIS)

Medical ethics and statistics (with new material)
Medical Research Council (MRC) Streptomycin Trial
Missing data
Multicenter trials
Multiple endpoints
Noncompliance, adjustment for
Nonrandomized trials

NSABP and advances in the treatment of breast cancer
Number needed to treat (NNT)

Outcome measures

Pharmaceutical industry, statistics in
Phase I trials
Phase II trials
Physicians' health study
Postmarketing surveillance of new drugs and assessment of risk
Preclinical treatment evaluation
Prevention trials


Randomized treatment assignment

Salk vaccine
Sample size determination
Screening trials
Sequential methods
Society for Clinical Trials
Statistical review for medical journals
Statistical review for medical journals, guidelines for authors
Statistician in the pharmaceutical industry (PSI)
Surrogate endpoints


Time-varying treatment effect
Treatment-covariate interaction

University Group Diabetes Program (UGDP)

Vaccine studies

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