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A Practical User's Guide

M MCMASTER & C MCMASTER, MCM Scientific, St Louis, USA

This guide is designed to provide practical information on using, maintaining and troubleshooting analytical instrument systems in research, clinical, environmental and forensic analysis laboratories. Using everyday terminology, it takes the researchers and graduate analytical students through all the stages of setting up a GC/MS system and performing an analysis . The guide provides a basic grounding in theory to illustrate operational variables and how to control them, while also focusing on more specialist areas such as environmental analysis and LG/MS.

A key resource for organic, analytical, clinical, environmental, and forensic chemists as well as organic and analytical chemistry students. Also of interest to industrial and government laboratories (analytical, clinical, environmental, forensic) and research laboratories in industry and academia.


  • Introduction to GC/MS
  • Sample preparation and Introduction
  • The gas Chromatograph
  • The mass Spectrometer
  • Getting Started in GC/MS
  • Chromatographic Methods Development
  • Mass Spectrometer Set-up and Operation
  • Data Processing and Network Interfacing
  • System maintenance and troubleshooting
  • GC/MS in the Environmental Laboratory
  • An Introduction to Structural Interpretation
  • Ion Trap GC
  • MS
  • Other GC
  • MS Systems
0-471-24826-6   hbk   180pp   1998

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