About the Website

The free access spectroscopy portal that fulfils the information needs of ALL spectroscopists. spectroscopyNOW.com, a Community of Interest website, has become the definitive spectroscopy resource on the internet, offering a wealth of valuable information, resources and services.

Wiley provides a wide range of FREE access spectroscopy resources to fulfil the information needs of all spectroscopists worldwide. These include the unique free access website: spectroscopyNOW.com, the definite spectroscopy resource on the internet, and its sister site: separationsNOW.com, which serves the separation science community. Also available are the two FREE colour magazines Spectroscopy Europe and Spectroscopy Asia dedicated to spectroscopists throughout these regions.

Also of Interest

separationsNOW.comSpectroscopyNOW.com's sister site: separationsNOW.com
spectroscopyEurope.com Spectroscopy Europe Magazine
FREE full colour magazine dedicated to spectroscopists throughout Europe with 6 issues per year plus the annual Buyers Guide. To receive all six issues a year free, simply register for subscription at www.spectroscopyeurope.com.
spectroscopyAsia.com Spectroscopy Asia Magazine
FREE full colour magazine for spectroscopists in Asia and the Pacific Rim. With four issues annually it is available free, when you register for subscription at www.spectroscopyasia.com.