About WileyPLUS

WileyPLUS: This online teaching and learning environment integrates the entire digital textbook with the most effective instructor and student resources to fit every learning style.

Personalize the Teaching Experience

"For the first time, I am able to motivate 300 students to keep up with my lecture," Assc. Professor, Organic Chemistry, Miami University

  • Simplifies and automates such tasks as making assignments, scoring student work, keeping grades, and more.
  • Enables you to customize your classroom presentation with a wealth of resources and functionality including PowerPoints, rich visuals, as well as your own materials.
  • Allows you to identify students falling behind and intervene accordingly, without having to wait for them to come to office hours.

Personalize the Learning Experience

In a recent survey 88% of students rated WileyPLUS as valuable!

"WileyPLUS is my tutor when I am not in class. It has helped me understand more of the material and most importantly, I can log in at any time of the day." Student, EPCC Valle Verde

  • Access the complete, online version of your text with study resources that address your specific needs.
  • Get instant feedback and context-sensitive help on your assignments.
  • Track your progress throughout the course from your personal online gradebook.
  • Save money, study smarter and manage your time better with WileyPLUS!


An integrated suite of teaching and learning resources containing:

  • A full online version of the textbook
  • Homework management tools
  • An online gradebook
  • Robust class presentations resources
  • Money-saving options for your students

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