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About Wrox

Written by actual programmers, Wrox books offer the benefits of real-world experience and road-tested examples that really work. From "Beginning" books that provide a working knowledge of the subject through hands-on lessons that make learning easier than you think to "Professional" and "Expert" books that are loaded with practical, focused information from experts to help developers meet every-day needs and deliver successful projects, Wrox has the resources required at every level. Backed by a global community of developers through the Wrox p2p Forums, programmers gain suggestions and support from authors and fellow programmers. Through innovative and practical resources, Wrox helps programmers get the job done and then do the job better.

About the Wrox Website

Wrox.com is where programmers go to browse the current and upcoming Wrox titles, as well as errata, sample chapters, and downloadable code. A free monthly e-newsletter is offered to registered subscribers. The site hosts a forum for programmers to interact and take an active role in on-line discussions.

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