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New book helps middle-income earners amass the wealth they deserve

Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School (Wiley, August 2011, ISBN: 9780470830062) is a no-nonsense, disciplined approach that instructs middle-income earners on how to build a portfolio worth over a million US dollars in the stock market. It is readable, humorous, filled with commonsense analogies and timeless investing lessons that are separated into nine easy to understand and easy to follow rules.

Andrew Hallam, a high school teacher who built a million dollar investment portfolio on a humble teacher’s salary said, “Because financial literacy isn’t adequately taught in most high schools, you might be among the millions who were shortchanged by our education system. This book is my attempt to make it up to you.”

In this book, new investors will learn that they should shun away from investment products that are peddled by most financial advisors and avoid get-rich-quicker products that are concocted by financial institutions. The author guides readers to the evidence-based investment strategies of index funds and explains how the stock and bond markets really work. It is coupled with investing philosophy that is in line with Warren Buffett’s, as it aims to equip readers with psychology advantage when markets fall.

This book will gift a lifetime of financial independence and success as the author takes readers to a journey with him to explore what most wealthy people already know: if you spend your money responsibly, you will eventually grow rich.