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Hot & Cheesy

Today’s cooks have more varieties of cheeses to choose from than ever before, and this book proves cheese is  
not just for a sandwich. Clifford Wright, acclaimed author of Bake Until Bubbly and The Best Soups in the
World, has a knack for tackling the best-loved topics in a way no one else ever has before. Wright, a James  
Beard Cookbook of the Year award-winner has researched the cuisines of the globe to create HOT & CHEESY   
(Wiley Paperback, February 7, 2012; $22.99), a collection of 250 recipes from everything you can possibly make  
with cheese.

In any form cheese is a staple ingredient in many of our favorite comfort foods—from a gooey macaroni and
cheese to a spicy quesadilla—but never before have so many hot and delicious cheese recipes been brought
together in one place. HOT & CHEESY solves every cheese lover’s dilemma, providing a wealth of American
and International comfort foods dripping with cheeses of every kind. The cookbook covers everything from
fritters, pastries, casseroles, pastas, sandwiches, to pizzas and almost anything else you could top, stuff, or
sprinkle with cheese

Like all of Wright’s books, this collection of comfort food recipes includes historical and cultural notes about      each recipe. Descriptions of the cheeses include pronunciation, type of milk the cheese is made from, flavor profiles and the best way to use them, and he even tells you how to make your own cheese. Additionally, Wright provides tips and insights to the other components of the dish like where the word calzone comes from, and what to do with leftover fondue.

Here are some examples of recipes from Hot and Cheesy:

  • American Favorites: Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Lasagne, Pizzas, Quesadillas, New York-style Cheescake, and Quiches
  • International Recipes: Swiss Polenta Casserole, Greek Meze of Saganaki, Rotoni with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe, Tibetan Blue Cheese and Beef Soup, Tomato Tart with Figs, Fontina and Goat Cheese, Pizza Flamiche, and Saag Paneer.

From imported artisanals to the pride of Wisconsin and California, from gouda to gruyere, there's something   in HOT & CHEESY for every cheese lover.