Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing

ISBN: 978-1-118-16777-9
256 pages
April 2012
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April 10, 2012
Hoboken, NJ

Optimize Search and Social Media Content to Attract, Engage, and Inspire

Every 60 seconds there are over 690,000 searches on Google and nearly as many updates on Facebook. With Google search becoming social through Google+, the worlds of search and social media are now inseparable. How can organizations break through all of this noise to reach their target audiences?  For businesses to succeed online it's essential to optimize search and social media content to attract, engage, and inspire customers to buy.

In his new book, Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing (Wiley; Hardcover and ebook; April 2012; $24.95; 978-1-1181-6777-9) Lee Odden, a 14 year veteran internet marketer and CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, gives business practitioners a practical approach to integrating these critical marketing tools to boost relevance and visibility for potential customers. Optimize offers a proven customer-centric and adaptive online marketing strategy that incorporates the best of content, social media marketing, and search engine optimization tactics.

“Great content isn’t great until it’s discovered, enjoyed and shared. Search keywords and social topics are essential for attracting and engaging more customers to grow your business. To make it easy for customers to be inspired by your content, it should be easy to find through search engines and easy to share through social media,” says Odden. “Businesses can do this in a variety ways beyond a traditional business marketing plan by optimizing a variety of content including web pages, videos, press releases, ebooks and archived media, like webinars.”

Odden shares how to marry search and social media optimization with content marketing to boost relevance, visibility, and customer engagement discussing key optimization tactics, including how to:

  • Understand the changing nature of consumer preferences and behaviors with search, social media, and content
  • Determine which creative tactics will provide the best results for your company
  • Implement search and social optimization holistically in your organization
  • Measure the business value of optimized and socialized content marketing
  • Develop guidelines, processes, and training to scale online marketing success
  • Make sure your SEO, social media, and content marketing efforts are seamlessly integrated
  • Achieve an optimized state of mind—and help your brand become the most relevant solution for your product category, no matter what path your customer takes.

“Beyond marketing, optimization also facilitates connections between public relations and the media, customer service and clients, recruiting and job candidates,” adds Odden. “The value of making connections through search and social media is a total business opportunity and not limited to any one type of content or target audience.”

The world of SEO, social media, and content marketing can be overwhelming, but Optimize helps businesses attract, engage, and retain more customers in a way that makes sense: by mastering the ability to identify and accommodate customer information discovery and consumption behaviors. Odden combines all of the tools available for marketers online to deliver targeted and direct approach to online marketing, providing a practical model for companies, large and small, to create successful and scalable digital marketing programs.

For additional information, please visit http://optimizebook.com and follow Lee on Twitter at @leeodden