The Little Book of Hedge Funds

ISBN: 978-1-118-09967-4
272 pages
May 2012
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April 23, 2012
Hoboken, NJ

Anthony Scaramucci Lifts the Veil on the $1.6 Trillion Hedge Fund Industry

Anthony Scaramucci lifts the veil on the $1.6 trillion hedge fund industry in his new book The Little Book of Hedge Funds (Wiley, $22.95, May 2012; Hardcover and ebook) to show how it has grown exponentially and created wealth for many, including managers and their investors.

Scaramucci has made a career of explaining hedge funds to the elite – from Wall Street 2 Director Oliver Stone (he served as an adviser and sponsor) to President Obama (who he challenged at a Wall Street town hall) – and now he’s bringing that same insider knowledge to the everyday investor.

“Isn’t it time that someone unravels the once secret world of hedge funds?” Scaramucci writes in the introduction. “Isn’t it time to provide intellectually curious people with a comprehensive overview of the industry without clouding it with jargon, negativity, and dry numbers?”

As in his previous book, Goodbye Gordon Gekko (Wiley, 2010) Scaramucci uses examples from his two decade career in the business, from his time at Goldman Sachs to the founding and growth of his successful firm Skybridge Investments, to tell the story of the industry. He also interviews nearly a dozen hedge fund legends, getting their thoughts on what makes a successful fund.

The Little Book of Hedge Funds cements Scaramucci as the mainstream face of the hedge fund industry and a man with a mission. The book argues that the next step for hedge funds is to make them accessible to a new class of American investors – the mass affluent – who can benefit from this asset class.

The book also argues that millions of these mass affluent are already hedge fund investors through their pension plans. Scaramucci wants Americans to follow what the smart money managers are already doing in today’s volatile market place.

Other topics in the The Little Book of Hedge Funds include:

•           From the elite to main street: hedge funds are providing greater transparencyand accessing a broader base of investors

•           The growing role of hedge funds in the broader financial system

•           Hedge funds reduce risk while maintaining performance

•           Key strategies used by hedge funds – leverage, short selling and hedging – and their role in making hedge funds a successful asset class

Written with Scaramucci’s trademark wit and candor, The Little Book of Hedge Funds is a must read for all those seeking to understand this important industry.