Leadership by Choice: Increasing Influence and Effectiveness through Self-Management

ISBN: 978-1-118-29319-5
192 pages
June 2012
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June 19, 2012
Hoboken, NJ

Become a Better Leader: Connect with Others and Establish Strong Decision-Making Skills

Many people don't have the time or energy to focus intently on each choice they make. All too often, individuals rush their decisions and strain their relationships by not thinking clearly or communicating properly. When it comes to those in leadership roles, it is expected that they take more time in their decision making process – especially when those decisions affect others on their teams. Great leaders develop a system for reflecting on ideas and holding themselves accountable for every choice they make.

In his new book, Leadership by Choice: Increasing Influence and Effectiveness through Self-Management (Wiley; June 2012; Hardcover and ebook; 978-1-118-29319-5; $22.95), author and leadership trainer and consultant, Eric Papp outlines the key strategies to help leaders excel by connecting with others and establishing strong decision-making skills.

This fast-paced, volatile business climate requires leaders who can keep cool, inspire others to adhere to high standards, produce excellent work and continuously raise their game. Leadership by Choice delivers the tips leaders need, no matter their position, to build high-trust teams and inspire accountability among the entitled members of Generation Y.

There are four areas of our lives where leadership is applicable and Papp breaks these areas down to provide solutions to these questions, including:

  • Communication – How do you listen, ask questions, and speak with influence?
  • Leading Teams – How do you establish trust, healthy conflict, and achieve results w/ others?
  • Productivity – How do you spend your time and how focused are you?
  • Personal Development – Where do you find your strength and purpose in a “caffeine, crazy busy” society?

“In today’s results-driven society a title is nothing more than ink on a business card. It’s nice to have but bears little meaning. Leaders need to make a conscious choice to positively influence those around them,” says Papp. “Leadership is not about what title or position you hold but rather a choice on how you lead. Would people still follow you regardless of your rank or title? Consider this question and reevaluate your skills as a leader.”