How Washington Actually Works For Dummies

Greg Rushford (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-31295-7
128 pages
July 2012
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July 31, 2012
Hoboken, NJ

How Washington Actually Works For Dummies® Demystifies Policymaking and Reveals Key Political Influencers

In an election year where the economy is king, along with a head-to-head matchup for the presidential race, timing could not be better for an insiders’ guide to Washington, D.C. With How Washington Actually Works For Dummies® (Wiley, 978-1-118-31295-7, August 2012), the popular and reliable For Dummies series presents a candid explanation of the U.S. political process. The book covers the changes in Washington over the past two centuries, the various political actors in the city, and how they interact to get things done. You’ll gain insight on what the presidency is all about, why the different branches of government act the way they do, who has influence and what factors are involved.

Policymaking -- the art of deciding what programs to support, what laws to pass, or what regulations to write -- is at the core of what Washington does, and is what everyone, from the president on down, wants to influence. How Washington Actually Works For Dummies gives you “the inside skinny,” running through a day in the life of Congress, the workings of the White House, and the scoop on professional persuaders, aka lobbyists.

“There are many myths and misconceptions about the United States Government out there. This straightforward guide takes the mystery out of U.S. politics and provides the inside track on what really happens in the Capital and how non-politicians the world over can make the system work for them,” said David Palmer, Associate Publishing Director at Wiley.