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Make Smart Investment and Financial Decisions in Any Economic Environment

Adapted excerpt from Personal Finance For Dummies, 7th Edition:

Over two million copies of prior editions of Personal Finance For Dummies® are in print, and readers and reviewers alike have been pleased. The book also previously earned the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for best book of the year in business. But why another edition?

Because you'll find expanded coverage on:

- Best ways to reduce, minimize the cost of, and eliminate consumer debt.

- Smart ways to use credit and qualify for the best loan terms, as well as how to understand--and improve--your credit scores.

- How to make the most of Internet resources, including smart shopping online, the dangers of "free" money websites, and investing online.

- New and revised tax laws, pending and likely future tax law changes, and how to best take advantage of them.

- What's going on with government assistance programs, Social Security, and Medicare and what it means in terms of how you should prepare for and live in retirement.

- Investment recommendations -- especially in the areas of exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and real estate.

- Where to get the best insurance deals, the impact of federal health insurance legislation, and expanded coverage on perparing for natural disasters.

- How to use and make sense of the news and financial resources (especially online resources).

Despite the development of new media and new financial products and services, folks keep making the same common financial mistakes-- procrastinating and lack of planning, wasteful spending, falling prey to financial salespeople and pitches, failing to do sufficient research before making important financial decisions, and so on. This book can keep you from falling into the same traps and get you going on the best paths.

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