World Class Communication: How Great CEOs Win with the Public, Shareholders, Employees, and the Media

ISBN: 978-1-118-23005-3
218 pages
October 2012
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Praise for World Class Communication"Virgil Scudder was my go-to trainer, coach, and presentation guru whenever I wanted to put my best foot forward as a CEO. The Scudder Method works for giving confidence, power, and persuasiveness to any communicator. The skill that he brings to his one-on-one training sessions is now available in his exceptional book that's as insightful as it is practical. It's a step-by-step guide that covers all the bases to achieve world class communications success."
—James M. Kilts,
former chairman and CEO, The Gillette Company

"Virgil's formula for success is laid out with clear language and dynamic storytelling. You can put a price tag on the book, but not on the advice. Virgil's communication strategy is a must-read for the prepared, effective executive."
—Larry J. Merlo,
President and Chief Executive Officer, CVS Caremark Corporation

"Virgil Scudder is a true communications professional. He understands that brevity, clarity, body language, and the ability to convey ideas through storytelling are all critical to great communicators. The best communications education is to have Virgil as an instructor . . . but this book is a close second!"
—Glenn A. Britt,
Chairman and CEO, Time Warner Cable Inc.

"Here's what makes Virgil Scudder's World Class Communication such an important book: First, it is a practical guide that can be put to immediate use. Second, it covers all the bases—the chapter headings alone provide a concise summary of the tools, situations, and skills a successful CEO must master. Scudder's book will be valued alike by the aspiring CEO, the recently elected politician, and the seasoned executive who wants to take stock of her methods."
—William M. Murray,
CAE, President and Chief Operating Officer, Public Relations Society of America

"Virgil and I have worked closely together advising CEOs who have had to face withering fire from all quarters. If you asked them today who they want in the trenches next to them, they'd holler for Virgil Scudder."
—Graham Canning,
Chairman, Cannings Advisory Services, Australia

"All of our clients use Virgil Scudder's proven and tested techniques to convey their messages expertly and confidently. Virgil's technique is universal. The key is being able to share one's agenda with clarity, consistency, and credibility, whether at an interview or sharing your message with your respective stakeholders."
—Art Thamboo,
Managing Director, Eric Pringle Associates Public Relations, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia