Never Mind the Bosses: Hastening the Death of Deference for Business Success

ISBN: 978-1-118-47440-2
204 pages
November 2012, Jossey-Bass
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November 01, 2012

Never Mind The Bosses: Hastening the Death of Deference for Business Success

Over the last few decades  power, information and resources have moved from being concentrated in the hands of a relatively small number of people and institutions, to being dispersed across many. Events on the world stage such as the arrival of Wikileaks, the Arab Spring of 2011, the Global Financial Crisis, the social media revolution and flashpoints such as the British MP Expenses Scandal have further hastened this process.

The proposition offered by Robin Ryde in Never Mind the Bosses is that our organisations need to catch up, and that the “death of deference” that we are seeing elsewhere in society needs to be accelerated in the workplace and in management. It looks at modernising corporations and institutions to make sure that energy, potential and talent is not wasted in favour of those in power. It explores levelling control so that previously disadvantaged people are empowered rather than having to immediately defer to those in a higher position. By concentrating decision-making power in the hands of the deferred to, the opportunities for broadening and sharing responsibility are significantly reduced. This is not in the interest of the company as it prevents the diversity of voices, ideas and solutions that might otherwise flow through the organisation.

Never Mind the Bosses gives insights into how to spot organisational deference, to understand the dynamic behind it and to create alternative ways of doing business that deliver better results and therefore more engaged and fulfilled employees. It offers a solution to a problem that belongs in the last century, and a game plan for nothing short of a workplace revolution.