You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done

ISBN: 978-1-118-63670-1
240 pages
September 2013
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September 20, 2013
Hoboken, NJ

You First: Creating and Managing Happier, Healthier and More Productive Business Teams

Dysfunctional teams are discouragingly prevalent throughout the world of business.  Rather than aiding an organization’s business plan, poorly conceived and managed teams erode productivity and extinguish innovation.

In her new book, You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done (WILEY; Hardcover & e-book; $24.9; ISBN: 978-1-118-63670-1), Dr. Liane Davey delivers a realistic plan so that anyone – regardless of status or pay grade – can transform a toxic team. You First will make work teams happier, healthier, and more productive.

You First explores key tactics for taking those first steps, including:

  • Addressing the five most common ways a team can become toxic
  • Tips for diagnosing if a team is at risk
  • Practical suggestions to deal with the crisis in the short-term
  • Ways to disrupt the long-term patterns that trap a teams in an endless cycle of dysfunction

“No matter what kind of teammates you have — Crisis Junkie, Bobble-Head, Spectator, Bleeding Back, or Royal Rumble — you'll learn how to diagnose your team's ills and apply emergency medicine to stop the decline,” says Davey. “Readers will learn how to diagnose themselves and embrace their role in transforming a team.”