Applied Psychology

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Vol 67 (4 Issues in 2018)
Edited by: Ute Stephan
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November 04, 2013

Study Assesses Work–Life Balance By Gender and Nationality

Striking a balance between life and work is a goal millions strive for, but how important is gender in achieving it? Research in Applied Psychologyinvestigated gender differences based on self-reports and supervisors’ appraisals of 40,921 managers in 36 countries.

The study tested gender egalitarianism as a factor of national variations in gender differences. Supervisors rated women lower in work–life balance than men in low egalitarian countries, but similar to men in high egalitarian countries. The results showed more cross-national variation by gender in supervisors’ appraisals than self-reports, suggesting that supervisors’ perceptions reflected greater influence of gender stereotypes.