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The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®—Legal Services

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®—Legal Services

From the Best-Selling Authors of The Leadership Challenge®

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner


Creating an environment that fully engages today’s young, ambitious, and highly intelligent workforce is a challenge. Nowhere is that more true than in the nation’s law firms, local, state, and federal offices, and corporate legal suites where the loss of the best and the brightest can cause valuable clients to take their business elsewhere. Bonuses and prestige are no longer enough to build commitment. Instead, new associates and staff are looking to develop new skills and expertise, to be mentored and given opportunities to learn, and to contribute in meaningful ways.


This new 24-page article, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®—Legal Services (The Leadership Challenge®, a Wiley Brand, November 2013, 978-1118-55635-1, $10.00),is a perfect resource for leaders in the legal services industry with limited time. It provides a concise overview of Kouzes and Posner's The Leadership Challenge model and overall thoughts on leadership in the realm of the legal sector. And it is ideal for orienting readers to the Five Practices model:


  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart


In addition, the article contains two case studies of leaders drawn from the legal sector, a section on "Learning to Lead,” and background information on the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®), the tool that enables individuals and organizations to measure their leadership behavior frequencies and act on their discoveries. Exemplary leaders—whether partners, associates, or others in the practice of law—know that everyone, regardless of rank or title, deserves to be treated with respect and that a work environment built upon trust and collaboration is essential to gain competitive advantage.  The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership—Legal Services is a valuable resource for any leader in the Legal Services sector who wants to become or improve as an exemplary leader.