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Women More Sensitive to Effects of Sleeping Pills Than Men, Study Suggests

Insomnia blights the lives of million and in the U.K. alone, over more than than 10 million prescriptions for sleeping pills are issued each year. New research in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology shows that drug Zolpidem, has a greater impact on female patients, even if they have taken the same dosage as men.

The researchers recruited twenty four people, 11 females and 13 males. The participants were randomized to receive Zolpidem, in either 1.0, 1.75, or 3.5 mg dosages, or a placebo in the morning, according to one of four possible dosing sequences.

While Body Mass Index was similar between the sexes, body weight was slightly lower among females as expected.  However, plasma concentrations were consistently higher in women than in men, suggesting a stronger medicinal impact.