Help, I'm Rich!: Your Compass to a Value-Adding Private Banking Experience

ISBN: 978-1-119-02054-7
352 pages
February 2015
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November 26, 2014

New Book Provides 101 on Private Banking Services

A common ambition among many people is being rich and living the life you really want. But according to one wealth management expert, the case for being financially well-off is not always easy. Financial wealth comes with many headaches, and more commonly, in protecting your wealth and preserving it. In other words, the more money you have, the more attention it requires to managing it. While finding the right solution to cater to different wealth management needs can be challenging, the support of a professional services provider seems not only highly desirable, but even unavoidable.

Kees Stoute, the author of Help! I'm Rich!: Your Compass to a Value-Adding Private Banking Experience (Wiley; November 2014; ISBN: 978-1-119-02054-7) will show those who are new to wealth—or are newly tasked with the money management aspect of it—how to gain the most out of their private banking experience, with detailed guidance and expert advice. It covers the most commonly asked questions in managing wealth such as, “How to protect it?”, “Is it enough?”, “How to identify and materialize opportunities?”, “What and how to transfer to the next generation?”, “How to educate my kids?” and so on.

“The good news is that there exists an industry tailored to address most of the typical rich-man’s concerns: Private Banking. The bad news, however, is that the financial crisis left an ugly scar on this industry: clients have become more skeptical about the industry than ever, regulators make their presence feel through increased, often far-reaching regulation, bank managers seem more driven by fear than by hope, markets are unpredictable…no wonder that the morale within the industry is under pressure, thus eroding the passion in the industry,” Stoute said. “That makes it even more complicated to find the right professional to help the rich man manage his wealth.”

Help! I'm Rich! is a detailed examination of how private banking services can help high net worth individuals take charge over their wealth, protect their assets and get the most out of the relationship with a professional wealth manager. Designed to increase the ability to discern between 'adding value' and 'self-orientation' and thus improve the professional relationship between private bankers and clients, this reader-friendly guide explains the concerns that typically come along with wealth, and the various ways in which private banks can help clients deal with these challenges effectively.

The book will show readers what private banks do, which services they offer, and how to find and approach a private bank. Packed with case studies, graphs, tables, cartoons and diagrams, the book offers a detailed description of the various asset classes to explain the reasons for—and risks of—investing at each level; giving readers a better idea of the wealth management methods that have proven effective for others in their class.

Help! I'm Rich! is now being distributed to major bookstores nationwide, as well as major online retailers. For more information about the book and author, visit www.helpiamrich.com. For more information on where to buy, visit the publisher's website at: www.wiley.com/buy/9781119020547.

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