The Future of Pension Management: Integrating Design, Governance, and Investing

ISBN: 978-1-119-19103-2
256 pages
March 2016
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March 01, 2016
Hoboken, NJ

The Future of Pension Management: Integrating Design, Governance, and Investing

Pension funds have become an everyday news item, and much of the news isn't good. From the ongoing threat of future financial crises and bubbles to downright criminal scandals, workers are justifiably anxious about the security of their retirement. Fortunately, pension management is changing for the better, and The Future of Pension Management provides a much-needed, authoritative update on the state of the pension revolution predicted by Peter Drucker back in the mid-1970s.

In this new treatise by the bestselling author who has been called the world's #1 knowledge broker in institutional investing—pension professionals, institutional investors, consultants, regulators, and legislators all get a full progress report on how pension management has changed since the financial crash of 2008—specifically how innovations in design, governance, and investing are leading to measurably better pension outcomes. Clear industry examples provide a broad perspective on how pensions are managed in a variety of countries, who is having the most success, and where the lessons learned are taking the industry. Remarkable results are being found by shifting away from short-term investment strategies to longer-term disciplines aimed at wealth creation, and as you'll see inside, these new ideas and practices, among others, are chipping away at the challenges that still remain. Highly visual features such as charts, diagrams, and bulleted talking points enhance:

  • An in-depth study into how the Netherlands and Australia are transforming traditional defined benefit and defined contribution formulas into "defined ambition" and "target benefit" hybrids
  • Insightful examinations of how government initiatives are expanding pension coverage in some countries, including in the United Kingdom with its National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)
  • Up-to-date evidence showing how improving governance in the global pensions sector is abandoning "short-termism" in favor of transforming retirement savings into wealth- producing capital
  • Studies supporting long-horizon active management that produces higher long-term returns than either passive or short-horizon active management

The Future of Pension Management brings you up to speed and aligns you with where and how success is blossoming in the global pensions industry.