The FINTECH Book: The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

ISBN: 978-1-119-21887-6
312 pages
May 2016
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March 11, 2016

New Book Offers Front-line Industry Insider's Look at FinTech Explosion

A new wave of companies changing the way people pay, send money, borrow, lend, and invest are on the rise. A new book titled, The FINTECH Book, by Susanne Chishti and Janos Barberis explores the overall market dynamics of this new financial innovation and uncover key developments in the industry through insights of front-line practitioners.

The FINTECH Bookoffers an accessible, interesting and vibrant read which will be of interest to those new to FinTech, as well as pioneers and established experts. It covers a wide range of topics, including themes, ecosystems, solutions, emerging markets and social impact, success stories, investment and capital, enterprise innovation, digital currencies and the future of FinTech. Key industry developments are explained in detail, and critical insights from cutting-edge practitioners offer first-hand information and lessons learned.

Content Highlights:

  • Explores established FinTech centres like London, discuss France’s FinTech-favourable conditions, and examine the Netherlands as an integrated FinTech ecosystem. In addition, the book reviews buzzing FinTech scenes, ranging from Luxembourg, to Austria, India, and Singapore, each having its own unique characteristics that set it apart as a potential frontrunner in FinTech.
  • Summarizes the latest FinTech solutions for both established corporate players and consumers.
  • Explores the latest technologies which facilitate higher investment performance.
  • Provides a vision to several categories of blockchain technologies that will impact the financial industry: digital currencies, asset registries, application stacks, and asset-centric technologies.
  • Charts the future course of FinTech over the next decade.

The FINTECH Book is the first single, consolidated and authoritative resource on the disruption, innovation and opportunity in the financial technology sector, and is the first globally crowdsourced treatment of the topic. Initiated by FinTech thought leaders and entrepreneurs, Susanne Chishti and Janos Barberis, with their mutual passion for FinTech, they believed that no one author, organization or region in the world was able to exhaustively cover all the facets and nuances of FinTech. They reached out to the global FinTech community and selected contributions from a range of individuals and organizations, from entrepreneurs working for FinTech start-ups, to service providers, SMEs and employees of large organizations.

The FINTECH Book is written by 85 expert authors in the global fintech investment space from across 20 countries around the globe.

The book will release in April 2016. For more information, visit the publisher’s website at: http://as.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-111921887X.html.

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