Designing the Smart Organization: How Breakthrough Corporate Learning Initiatives Drive Strategic Change and Innovation

ISBN: 978-0-470-49067-9
352 pages
October 2009, Pfeiffer
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Designing the Smart Enterprise is indeed a smart, useful book.  But it is more than just that. With logic and examples Roland helps us realize just how much we must regrind our lenses for seeing how deep learning can naturally happen in an organization if we just move beyond traditional notions of corporate training and re-conceive learning as a strategic imperative.  I highly recommend this book for any corporate leader wanting to succeed in a rapidly changing world.  - John Seely Brown, Independent Co-chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge, Former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corp /Director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Co-Author of The Social Life of Information and The Only Sustainable Edge

Without any qualification and only with heartfelt enthusiasm, this book should be read immediately by every leader in every institution. My excitement is based on 3 profound contributions Deiser's book offers his readers:  1) It's the single best argument and summary of "organizational learning" and its significance. 2) About 2/3rds of the book contain 10 brilliant and powerful case studies which illustrate his concepts and action steps that are tremendously practical. 3) This book is especially useful right now in these times when all organizations are facing uncertainty, chaos and crises. What could be more important to organizational systems and their leaders than to learn, adapt, and recover from these setbacks! - Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Southern California and author of "On Becoming a Leader" and co-author of "Transparency" and "Judgment."

Deiser does an excellent job in making us think about learning in novel ways - as an enabler of organizational change, cultural unification, strategic renewal, or just plain survival. Everybody who wants to make a difference in business, government, or other organizational worlds should read this book.  - Immanuel Hermreck, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Bertelsmann AG

This book is filled with knowledge and insight about the challenges learning organizations face in the transition from a traditionalist mindset to a forward looking perspective on learning strategy.  If learning organizations can’t make this leap they are likely to be relegated to the back office.  - Michelle Marquard, Director Enterprise Learning Solutions , Cisco Systems, Inc.

Deiser clearly, effectively and accurately points out how organizations must reframe how they design learning processes to thrive in today's rapidly changing world. A variety of interesting cases show how to do it. -  Edward E. Lawler III, Director, Center for Effective Organizations, USC Marshall School of Business, Co-author of Built to Change

A path-breaking work!  Deiser creatively uses learning theory and practice to recast the practice of strategic management and demonstrates the concept through remarkable case studies from 11 prominent companies. - Larry Greiner, Co-Author of Management Consulting Today and Tomorrow and Dynamic Strategy Making