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Joan Blades (Berkeley, CA) is a distinguished social and business entrepreneur as well as business-savvy, working mother. Blades co-founded Berkley Systems, a thriving software company, in 1987 with her husband Wes Boyd. Blades is also the co-founder of MomsRising.org, a one million-member organization, and the notorious, liberal organization MoveOn.org, with five million members. She was nominated one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential people, was honored with Ms. Magazine’s Woman of the Year award in 2003, and earned The Breast Cancer Fund’s Hero’s award in 2009. Along with co-authoring The Custom-Fit Workplace, Blades wrote Mediate Your Divorce and co-authored The Motherhood Manifesto. She also acts as a frequent blogger for The Huffington Post.

Nanette Fondas (Los Gatos, CA) is the author of award-winning research and articles on work, management, and organization, as well as a passionate, working mom. She writes repeatedly about the sociology and economics of business, work, and family for renowned national newspapers, magazines, and blogs such as The Huffington Post and Yes! Magazine and acts as the executive editor at MomsRising.org. Fondas is a Rhodes Scholar, received a doctorate from Harvard Business School, and has taught corporate strategy and organizational behavior for twelve years at Duke, University of California, and in Harvard’s Radcliffe Seminars.