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I Wish I Worked There!: A Look Inside the Most Creative Spaces in Business

I Wish I Worked There! A Look Inside the Most Creative Spaces in Business, reveals the world’s most inspiring and innovative places to work, going behind-the scenes of some of the world’s most famous brands, revealing their use of the physical environment to foster and support a culture of innovation. The book includes easy-to-adopt principles that facilitate the design, creation or finding of spaces that are conducive to different types of creative activity, namely: reflection, collaboration, stimulation and play.

Never before has a title looked specifically at how the working environment fosters the flow of ideas from both practical and emotional perspectives – exploring how creative design in the workplace leads to business results. Read case studies from organizations including – Innocent Drinks, Walt Disney Imagineering, Procter & Gamble, Nike, Virgin, Google, Dyson and the Lego Group. Each example is extensively illustrated with beautiful photography and informative diagrams that detail activity.

I Wish I Worked There! is a book of a thousand insights sharing what it is that makes a space really work, while business metrics and case studies evidence the birth of ideas, breakthroughs and successes.


For more information please visit www.iwishiworkedthere.com