Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch and .NET/C#

ISBN: 978-0-470-63782-1
384 pages
July 2010

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Computing & Technology, Wrox

September 02, 2010



The runaway success of Apple’s iPhone has created a new industry for developers: Apps.  In fact, research from the Yankee Group estimates that nearly 7 billion U.S. smartphone app downloads will produce $4.2 billion in revenue by 2013.  They also estimate the number of smartphone users is set to quadruple to 160 million users over the same period, resulting in an app market "gold rush”.  Using Apple’s X-Code development package, developers are making small fortunes creating everything from games to to-do list managers for this growing platform.  Unfortunately, the learning curve on Apple’s development platform can be long and complex leaving millions of Windows developers out in the cold.   Now, using the MonoTouch project, .NET/C# developers can join the party.  Wiley has released a free ebook for .NET & C# developers to hit the ground running, BUILDING iPHONE AND iPOD TOUCH APPLICATIONS FOR THE .NET/C# DEVELOPER WITH MONOTOUCH (http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-406371.html). Additionally, author Wallace B. McClure has also produced a downloadable video podcast introducing MonoTouch available from http://aspnetpodcast.com.

For developers that want to take their iPhone development skills to the next level, McClure also wrote the first book to completely cover MonoTouch, PROFESSIONAL IPHONE PROGRAMMING WITH MONOTOUCH AND .NET/C# (Wiley; July 2010; $44.99). Designed so developers can use their existing skill set, the first four chapters introduce the MonoTouch product, the basics of developing with MonoTouch and MonoDevelop, the basics of presenting data to a user with screen, and finally, data controls and how to develop a user interface for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  From there, developers are free to jump around the remaining 9 chapters covering:


* Working with Data on the iPhone

* Displaying Data Using Tables

* Mapping

* Application Settings

* Programming with Device Hardware



* Programming with Multimedia

* Talking to Other Applications

* Localizing for an International Audience

* Programming the iPad

* Objective-C basics

* Submitting and Marketing an App







MonoTouch has opened the white-hot field of Apple iPhone application development to millions of .NET C# developers. Wiley is setting these developers up with everything they need to get up and running, from a free ebook to in-depth coverage of the MonoTouch development platform. BUILDING iPHONE AND iPOD TOUCH APPLICATIONS FOR THE .NET/C# DEVELOPER WITH MONOTOUCH and PROFESSIONAL IPHONE PROGRAMMING WITH MONOTOUCH AND .NET/C# are fantastic resources for any .NET/C# developer that wants to get their piece of the iPhone App pie.


Wallace B. "Wally" McClure has been working with .NET since 2000, specializing in applications with large numbers of users and large amounts of data, as well as user interface technologies, such as AJAX and the iPhone. He is a Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, member of the national INETA Speaker's Bureau, and has a popular blog and podcast. 

Chris Hardy works with open source technologies such as PHP and Castle's Monorail and technologies such as ASP.NET MVC and jQuery while achieving clean markup and HTML.

Craig Dunn has worked on web technologies in corporate environments since 1993. He has since worked on screenphone-based information services and handheld device apps such as outdoor event ticket scanning.

Martin Bowling is a software developer and marketer working with small and medium sized businesses, developing Digital Marketing strategies. Recently his work has included several commercial iPhone applications.