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Profiting in Economic Storms

The Great Recession has left many people frightened about financial security and the future. The economic outlook is dismal: unemployment is rising, consumer spending is declining, and the housing market continues to deteriorate. Yet, the media portrays the economy on the upswing. Who can we trust with economic decisions for our future, when what we’ve been told, doesn’t seem to materialize?

In PROFITING IN ECONOMIC STORMS: A Historic Guide to Surviving Depression, Deflation, Hyperinflation, and Market Bubbles (Wiley, November 2010, $49.95), financial expert and author, Daniel Shaffer, helps people navigate their financial decisions in this era of economic disruption. Rather than rely on the financial advice from the day-to-day pronouncements of the media and financial pundits, Shaffer urges us to instead, look to the lessons of history and long-term economic cycles to secure profits.

After years of speaking about investment cycles, trading and money management methodologies, Shaffer shares his research and thoughts with the goal of helping others including investors, traders, and money managers to help achieve success no matter what the economic condition. More importantly, he shares the value of breaking free from crowd psychology and provides the tools needed to make investment decisions for ourselves.

Divided into four comprehensive parts, PROFITING IN ECONOMIC STORMS details how to

  • Understand human nature and its role in influencing everything from how we invest to the direction of the markets
  • Decipher the financial system by understanding the reality and sources of economic data, financial statements, and asset allocation models
  • Understanding the history of fallen civilizations, the U.S. banking system structural flaws, and market manias that repeat themselves throughout history
  • Examine how markets are engineered, explore natural occurrences that can be tied into market cycles, and observe market movements that sometimes can be explained mathematically

PROFITING IN ECONOMIC STORMS helps you to examine the “big picture” to help navigate your decisions in order to better protect you and your assets and move in and out of trends to reap big profits. By understanding different market cycles, Shaffer illustrates what it takes to make the right moves and excel in today’s economic environment.

For more information about PROFITING IN ECONONOMIC STORMS or to arrange an exciting, informative, and thought provoking interview with Daniel Shaffer, please contact Newman Communications.