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November 29, 2010

Wiley Partners with Kyorinsha to Provide ScholarOne Service to Society Journals in Japan

Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken, NJ, November 29, 2010—John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (NYSE: JWa, JWb) announced that it has recently signed an agreement with Kyorinsha Co., Ltd. to provide support and maintenance to Wiley-Blackwell society journals in Japan that are managed in the ScholarOne Manuscripts system.

ScholarOne Manuscripts, a business of Thomson Reuters, provides comprehensive workflow management systems for scholarly journals, books, and conferences, by using Web-based applications to manage the submission, peer review, and publication processes more efficiently. Kyorinsha supports a version of the industry-leading system, which offers a Japanese-language interface paired with the full support capabilities from ScholarOne.

“Kyorinsha’s alliance with ScholarOne Manuscripts has served a number of clients who publish journals in Japan, and we look forward to collaborating with Wiley-Blackwell in providing support for their society publications,” says Mr. Kazumasa Watanabe, President, Kyorinsha Co., Ltd. “This is going to be an exciting collaboration as the number of Japanese societies and journals that use ScholarOne Manuscripts as their preferred management tracking system grows."

Under the new partnership, Wiley-Blackwell appoints Kyorinsha to provide service for ScholarOne Manuscripts to journals where editorial offices are not housed within the Wiley Tokyo office. Wiley-Blackwell currently publishes 51 society journals in Japan in the sciences and social sciences, and encourages its society partners to use ScholarOne Manuscripts for editorial office peer-review management.

"The partnership with Kyorinsha will enable Wiley-Blackwell to continue to supply a range of publishing services to our society partners in Japan, enabling more comprehensive support and a quicker response to those societies who wish to maintain their own editorial offices,” says Mark Robertson, Vice President, Publishing Director, Asia Pacific and Executive Director, Wiley Japan. “This is an exciting development in expansion of the Wiley-Blackwell Journal Publishing Program in Japan."